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  • Naksskov - Horsens

  • Radius 100 km
  • 253 km


  • Langelandsfort Cold War Museum
  • Tranekær Slot
  • Valdemars Slot, Tåsinge
  • Svendborg Maritime Centre
  • South Fyn archipelago
  • Egeskov Castle & Park
  • Broholm Manor
  • Holckenhavn Slot
  • Harridslevgaard Slot
  • Nyborg Castle
  • Storbæltsbroen
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© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Long Island of Langeland

Take the ferry from Naksskov (Tårs) to Langeland and visit Langelandsfort Cold War Museum, Souvenarium, the old windmills, manor houses and make sure to spin by Tranekær Slot, a royal castle from the 13th century. The nature on Langeland is an attraction in itself, where you have 152 km of relaxed beachs, forests, cliffs and avian wildlife to appreciate.

Valdemars Slot on Tåsinge

After you've taking in all that Langeland has to offer, grab some lunch or an overnight in Rudkøbing, before taking the roadbridge across to Tåsinge, where you can visit Valdemars Slot, a 17th-century stone palace and gardens. From there, it's just a short but beautiful ride over Svendborgsundbroen (Svendborg Sound Bridge) to the maritime town of Svendborg. There's a great view from the top of the bridge!

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© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Svendborg's Maritime Heritage

Svendborg is an old city, which celebrates its 770th birthday in 2023. The old town is well preserved, with narrow streets, squares and courtyards. The city is Fyn’s second largest after the city of Odense, and is situated on a hillside by the waters of Svendborg Sound. Discover the South Fyn Archipelago by taking the ferry from Svendborg to the idyllic islands of Ærø, Skarø, Hjortø, Drejø and Birkholm. Meet eagles, moose or wild boars at the impressive Naturama exhibition in Svendborg, or discover the magic of the sea at the research centre Fjord and Bælt in Kerteminde where you can get closer to life below the surface of the sea.

Svendborg has always been influenced by shipping, and is still a thriving maritime city, with many native vessels and shipping companies. Denmark's largest company MÆRSK has its origins in Svendborg. Peter Mærsk Møller and his son, Arnold Peter Møller bought an old, used steamer in 1904 and formed A/S Steamship Company Svendborg, which developed into MÆRSK, the multinational corporation we know today.

Charter an old wooden ship with your friends

Svendborg is still famous for its many maritime activities, where sailing with old wooden ships is a major attraction. Through the Maritime Centre in Svendborg, it’s also possible to charter old wooden ships of various sizes. The Southern­Fyn archipelago around Svendborg is one of Denmark's most beautiful water areas for a maritime excursion, where you can also enjoy a meal on board, as the islands float by. Or maybe you want to invade one of the islands, for a barbecue? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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© ETR // European Touring Route AS
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Nyborg and the other castles

Many beautiful castles are scattered around the landscape here, such as Egeskov Slot, Broholm Gods, Holckenhavn Slot, Harridslevgaard Slot and Nyborg Slot. Nyborg was first mentioned in 1193 in the history of Denmark as Nyborg Castle, which still exists today, but the town itself was not mentioned before the year 1202. In the 17th century, Nyborg was one of three major fortified towns in Denmark, together with Fredericia and Copenhagen.

Egeskov Castle

If you feel like a nice ride through fields and winding roads, you can ride to Kværndrup which lies just south of Ringe. Here, you will find one of Europe's best preserved castles, Egeskov Slot. It was built in 1554 by Reich Marshal Frank Brockenhuus, however, the courtyard is older, dating back to the 14th century. According to legend, it took an entire forest of oak trees to build the foundations for the castle, hence the name Egeskov (“oak forest”). The Living Castle in Funen, Egeskov is no ordinary castle... it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, spires and a knight’s hall. The stuff of legend.

Travel forwards in time to the 18th century in Den Fynske Landsby (The Fyn Village) or visit The Danish Railway Museum, or Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg. Kunstmuseum Brandts (Art Museum Brandts) is Denmark's first museum for art and visual culture.

Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen

Fyn is Denmarks third largest island and a great motorbike destination with rolling landscapes, lots of history in the modern city of Odense, and relaxing nature everywhere else. Fyn is divided in the regions of Odense, South Fyn, Midtfyn, North Fyn, and the Great Belt. Fyn is home to many fairytales, and also the birth place of writer Hans Christian Andersen.

There are over 1000 kilometers of riding and bicycling routes all over Fyn, and the surrounding islands make Fyn a paradise for a motorbiking or cycling holiday. Fyn offers really great motorcycle experiences, and a Road Trip in southern Fyn is a must when you are in Denmark, where you can ride between castles, fields and forests, finding great hotels and world-class gastronomy.

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  • Dave O'Byrne

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  • Den Fynske Landsby
  • Danish Railway Museum
  • Øhavsmuseet, Faaborg
  • Kunstmuseum Brandts
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Bridgewalking
  • Lillebæltsbroen
  • Fredericia Old Town
  • The Jelling Monuments
  • Horsens Art Museum
  • Denmark’s Industrial Museum
  • The Lake Highlands
  • FÆNGSLET - The Prison
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© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Bridgewalking on The Little Belt Bridge

On the way across Lillebæltsbroen towards Jutland you can try Bridgewalking to get the adrenaline flowing again. Great views of the surrounding landscape await you - if ou can look up from where you're placing your next footstep!

Five beers in Fredericia

Fredericia is a central city, both in its geographical location, its traffic importance, and not least in its historical significance for Denmark. Fredericia is a true fortress, which you can really get a sense of by taking a walk along the impressive and well-preserved ramparts, which are certainly worth a visit.

Fredericia is located in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. It was founded in 1650 by Frederick III, after whom it was named. Every 6th of July, the town of Fredericia holds a festival to commemorate the 1849 Battle of Fredericia, fought during the First War of Schleswig, in which Danish troops won a victory over the Schleswig-Holstein rebels who were laying siege to the town.

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© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Visit Vejle and the Jelling Monuments

Vejle contains a lot of new experiences and impressions, from Vejle town to Vejle Inlet and the Jelling Monuments, you can look forward to an eclectic mix of spectacular scenery, architecture and attractions combined with an urban atmosphere and high-level gastronomy.

Relax in prison in Horsens

When you get to Horsens, visit Horsens Art Museum, Denmark’s Industrial Museum. Take a ride along the coast or a road trip into the Lake Highlands, through lush forests, along unspoilt lakeshores and through areas of great natural beauty, or take an overnight with a difference at FÆNGSLET - Europe’s largest prison museum.

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