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  • Horsens - Ebeltoft

  • Radius 100 km
  • 128 km


  • The Lake Highlands
  • Museum Jorn, Silkeborg
  • Himmelbjerget
  • Steamship Hjejlen
  • Moesgård Museum
  • Marselisborg Forest
  • Aarhus Old Town
  • AROS Art Museum
  • The Latin Quarter
  • Classic Race Aarhus
  • Aarhus Festival Week
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

The Lake Highlands of Skanderborg and Silkeborg

On the way from Horsens to Ebeltoft, you should ride through the lush regions of Silkeborg and Skanderborg, where the landscape is dominated by lakes, forests and some of the highest points in Denmark, including Himmelbjerget.

During World War II the German Wehrmacht had its Jutland headquarters at Silkeborg Bad, the former sanatorium known for its curative spring waters. It is now a municipal art centre, where it is still possible to visit the wartime bunkers on the grounds. Silkeborg was the home city of COBRA painter Asger Jorn, and you can visit Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, and view the large Jorn collection on display.

Climb Himmelbjerget - Sky Mountain

The Lakelands offer everything you want from a motorcycle experience - forests, hills and valleys, where small roads wind gently through the countryside. Here, you can experience the romantic aspects of motorbike riding. Float around the lakes and enjoy the small towns and maybe climb Himmelbjerget, Denmark's second highest mountain. The parking area is very close to the top of the hill, sorry, mountain, so it's an easy climb/walk.

The beautiful nature of the Silkeborg lakeside is good food for the spirit, so why not let the motorcycle rest for a day or two, and take a boat trip on the steamship 'Hjejlen' over the lakes of Silkeborg? You won't regret it.

© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Moesgård Museum & Visitor Center

Next stop you have to make is at Moesgård Museum just south of Århus, where prehistory is innovatively presented in a breathtaking architectural setting for a world-class museum experience. Moesgaard Museum is an impressive attraction not only because of the architectural design of the museum and the exhibitions, but also because of its location in the beautiful surroundings overlooking the forest and the sea. Scenography, storytelling and extensive research all come together in the exhibitions which appeal to visitors of all ages and across generations. From Moesgård, take a relaxing ride through the the beautiful coastal Marselisborg Forest, into Århus.

© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Aarhus, the city of smiles

Århus has a lot to offer the weary traveller, and you should spend a day or two exploring this relaxed city. Check out The Old Town (Den Gamle By), AROS Art Museum, and drift through The Latin Quarter from one great museum, gallery, café or restaurant, to the next. You can also find nice forests and beaches on both sides of the city. Aarhus is a great destination for great events and experiences, such as Aarhus Festival Week and Classic Race Aarhus.

From origins as a Viking trading town by the sea, to the world's smallest metropolis, Aarhus, or Aros as the Vikings called the city lies along the river Aros, which, in the old days was the main waterway to the hinterland. Aarhus is Denmark's third oldest city after Ribe and Hedeby. Late in the 8th century, the ancient trading center lay on the north side of the Aros river, making the city perfect for trading. It was easy for the Vikings to get to Aros by sea, and they could sail many miles into the hinterland using the inland river system, in their slim Viking Longships.

© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

The wide open spaces of Djursland

From Århus, you have a nice ride across the Djursland peninsula, one of Denmark's most beautiful areas with wide open spaces and fresh sea air. Take the small roads from Aarhus along the coast to Rønde, then turn off towards Kalø castle ruins, with the hills of Mols Bjerge National Park forming a nice backdrop. This is where Djursland starts, and continues with small beautiful roads that meander through the countryside. There are many roads to choose from, so don’t be afraid to choose the wrong path as all the roads are beautiful no matter where you are in Mols Bjerge.

You can choose to eat lunch outdoors on Helgenæs or continue over to Ebeltoft, where you'll find Denmarks only international museum of contemporary glass art. Apart from the alternating international exhibitions, the museum has a large permanent collection, which has been loaned or donated by over 700 artists from all over the world.

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  • Dave O'Byrne

  • European Touring Route AS



  • Djursland Peninsula
  • Mols Bjerge National Park
  • Trehøje in Mols Bjerge
  • Kalø Castle Ruins
  • Store Baunehøj
  • Ebeltoft Town
  • Fregatten Jylland
  • Ellemandsbjerget, Helgenæs
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS
© ETR // European Touring Route AS

Ebeltoft Cultural Center

Ebeltoft is like a pearl at the end of Ebeltoft Vig. You can easily spend a few hours in this picturesque town, exploring the local gastro scene and good food which you'll find in small eateries scattered around the town. You can also find a few nice restaurants down at the fishing port. After a good lunch, you have the opportunity to explore the local culture - Ebeltoft is known for its glass museum and world-class craftsmanship, and a lot of art galleries.

Sailor life abord the Frigate Jylland

After that, you should visit the Frigate Jylland, a landmark for the town, where you can see what life was like for sailors a couple of centuries ago. The Frigate Jylland has a long, tumultuous and violent history, and you can get the full story at the museum, which is really exciting. The frigate and its museum allow you to feel the history and there are many stories about the Frigate Jylland, so the old sailing ship is well worth a visit.

You might well require a good beer or two after a cultural afternoon on the Frigate Jylland, but you're in good hands; there are many fine inns and hotels in the area. Every Tuesday in the summer season, you can visit a vintage motorcycle and car meeting at Kalø Slotskro.

Spend a night or two in Djursland and discover Helgenæs and views over Aarhus Bay, Samsø and Tunø. If water isn’t your thing, you can ride up to Trehøje in Mols Bjerge, and enjoy the views of Aarhus from there. When you're stand there looking out over the landscape, try to imagine how the Vikings once stood there and watched over the coast.

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