ETR VR EXPO - Hotels



Controls for Desktop & Laptop
  • ARROWS: Move (⇧⇦⇩⇨)
  • WASD: Move (⇧⇦⇩⇨)
  • Q/E: Rotate camera
  • W+Q/E: Walk & pan L/R
  • V: Toggle avatar face view
  • Enter key: Auto-Play mode
  • Mouse drag: pan left/right
  • Mouse left click: Teleport
  • Mouse scroll: Zoom in/out
  • Mouse left click + drag: Orbit camera, move object


  • Spacebar: Jump
  • C: Clap
  • Y: Yes
  • N: No
  • 1: Cheer
  • 2: Wave
  • 3: Get Down
  • 4: Pop ‘n Lock
  • 5: Churn Butter


  • Chrome >= 72
  • Firefox >= 72
  • Safari >= 15
  • Edge >= 79
  • Your computer must also support WebGL 2.0
ETR VR EXPO - Hotels

ETR VR EXPO - Hotels

ETR VR EXPO - Hotels

ETR VR EXPO - Hotels

Visit some of the hotels along the ETR Route in VR

Take a walk around this Expo area and get an overview of the many great hotels and stages, roads, routes, locations and destinations on the route from Nordkapp to Cádiz.

  • Click on the images above to open the VR space on
  • Log in to your account.
  • If you don't already have one, set up a new account, confirm your password, and configure your avatar. It takes about 4-5 minutes and then you're ready to explore our VR Spaces. Enjoy!

All types of 2D & 3D hardware

ETR Virtual Spaces work seamlessly in VR using a personal headset, as well as on 2D devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, or Powerwalls for group experiences. Other team members can join your group events simultaneously in VR or using other devices such as mobile or their desktops, laptops or tablets and interact with the group using that device's camera and microphone (optional). In addition to mobile and stationary devices you can also interact in VR using Meta Quest VR devices.

On Mobile & Tablets

You can join from your mobile device - iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or Android phone by using the iOS/Android apps. The Spatial mobile app is designed to navigate spaces in VR/AR.

  • Download app from App Store and log in.
  • If you don't have an account, create a free account and set up your avatar.
  • If you were invited via a link - create an account or log in.
  • Join the meeting space using the link (click on one of the photos).
  • Once you are logged in, you'll see a few tabs: the Explore tab, and the Spaces tab with your personal spaces or spaces you've been invited to.
  • Enter the space you'd like to join.
  • Once you're in a space, you will be able to talk with other users who joined either from their device or from the web app.
  • Be sure to unmute yourself to talk, and you can also activate your webcam for video conversations if you want.

Navigation on Mobile & Tablets

  • Moving: Use two fingers to move around in any direction.
  • Looking: Use one finger to look around in any direction.
  • Change view: Pinch in to go from 3rd person to 1st person view.

Turn on AR Mode

  • Step 1: Press the AR mode icon in your toolbar
  • Step 2: Place wall - there are two ways to place your wall: Aim and tap & Manually place.

Aim and tap

Scan wall until you see a transparent outline, then aim the blue square in the center of your biggest wall and tap the screen.

Manually place your wall

Hold your phone parallel to the floor.
Place the top of your phone against the wall.
Press the 'place wall here' button.

Interacting with objects in AR

  • To move the object, tap and hold your finger on any uploaded 2D or 3D object until you hear the object activation sound.
  • Use your finger to move the object around in the room.
  • To resize the object and place a second finger on the object.
  • Move your fingers apart to make the object bigger.
  • Move your fingers closer together to make the object smaller.
  • To move the object closer or further away, tap and hold your finger on the object.
  • Slightly move your finger downwards to move the object closer to you.
  • Slightly move your finger upwards to push the object away from you.
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